Restaurants Near The Landmark Inn
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Pizza to go

Pizza to go is a delicious place to go eat some pizza! We love to see people come by and pick up some of our favorite kinds of pizza. We will serve it out to you as soon as we can to make you happy and also satisfied with your food! We love to make our own pizza and put in all the love that we have for the customer and our shop. It makes us happy and satisfied with our work we put in, when our customers are happy and satisfied with their pizza. That is one of the most important parts of working here, and being a part of such a fun loving place.
Our business hours are open everyday except Tuesdays from 4pm to 8pm. So get here to order your pizza quick! We have a facebook account that you can look on and you can also call us at: (541) 707- 7836, and call (541) 271- 1234 for a Pick up or Delivery! We accept Credit Cards now even at your door. We are very laid back and are wanting you to enjoy your time while you eat. We are located in Reedsport, Oregon. Our address is 275 Winchester Ave, Reedsport, OR 97467. We will be happy to see you come and order or to just visit, we cannot wait!
Our menu is all wonderful, delicious pizzas.
~ BBQ Chicken
Medium- $15.75 Large- $26.25
~C&D Combo
Medium- $19.50 Large- $31.80
Medium- $10.70 Large- $16.75
~ Chicken Bacon Ranch
Medium- $16.50 Large- $27.45
~ Italian Hero
Medium- $21.50 Large- $35.15
~ Happy Cindy
Medium- $17.45 Large- $28.25
~ Hawaiian
Medium- $13.45 Large- $22.85
~ Little D
Medium- $13.35 Large- $21.85
~Meat Lovers
Medium- $20.00 Large- $32.70
~ Pepperoni
Medium- $12.50 Large- $20.25
~ Veggies
Medium- $16.75 Large- $27.00
~ Cheese Sticks
Medium- $7.40 Large- $10.95